CV – Documentary (selected)

November 1, 2013

The Ripper Jesse Vile Raw, Netflix
Frank Lowry Steve Cantor Stick Figure
Black Sea: Lost Worlds David Belton, Andy Byatt Black Sea Productions
Dancer Steven Cantor Gabrielle Tana Magnolia Mae Films
Darcey’s Ballerina Heroines Ross McGibbon BBC
Our Queen Michael Waldman Oxford Film & TV
Hunt vs. Lauda: Formula 1’s Greatest Rivals Matthew Whiteman BBC/Lion TV
Double Cross: True Story of the D-Day Spies Matthew Whiteman BBC/Walker George Films
The Great Train Robberies Missing Mastermind? Matthew Whiteman BBC/Lion TV
We Need to Talk About Dad Elizabeth Stopford Rare Day
The Secret History of Our Streets (5 Episodes) Joseph Bullman BBC/Century Films
Imagine: Dancing with Titian Peter Sweasey BBC/Oxford Film & TV
Enemy Within Joseph Bullman Channel 4/Halcyon
Seven Sins of England Joseph Bullman Channel 4/Halcyon
Alzeimers the Musical
Joseph Bullman BBC
Wild China Charlotte Scott BBC
Planet Earth BBC
Blue Planet BAFTA Awards,
Best Photography (Factual),
2002, Blue Planet
The Force Patrick Forbes Oxford Film & TV
English Heritage Patrick Forbes Oxford Film & TV
Coast BBC
An English Summer BBC
Natural History of Britain and Europe BBC
Timewatch White Slave Trade
and the Barbary Pirates
Harry Marshall Icon Films
Wild Africa Lakes and Rivers Julian Hector BBC
Natural World: Seals Julian Hector BBC
Congo Brian Leith BBC/Scorer Assocs.
Journey into Amazonia Harry Marshall BBC/Scorer Assocs.
Natural World: Wild Indonesia Richard Matthews BBC/Zebra Films
Living Europe Nick Upton PBS/Green Umbrella
Mountains of the Maya National Geographic

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